Algorithm design and prototyping for robotic vision and machine learning with focus on real-time total scene understanding


All implemented algorithms and prototypes are build around CVL (Cold Vision Library), an open-source library based on robust technologies such C++, Cuda, Python, OpenCV, Linux, Git, Cmake and Machine Learning, with the main goal of real-time total scene understanding for embedded systems.

Robotic Vision

Implementing algorithms on topics such scene understanding, object recognition or cognitive neuroscience of visual object recognition.

Machine Learning

Implementing algorithms on topics such machine learning, deep learning or reinforcement learning.


Achieved using CUDA parallelization and highly optimized data structures and algorithms.


Using C++, GPU, CUDA, Python, OpenCV, Robot Operating System (ROS), Linux, Eclipse, CMake, Git, QT, Design Patterns, OOP, UML, TDD.


Project Based Software Development
80 percent of the sensory information the brain receives comes from the eyes

Robotic automation has transformed the manufacturing industry and has the potential to change many other aspects of our lives. However robotics has made relatively less progress in other important industries which have a complex and time variant landscape. Vision is the missing capability that currently prevents robots from performing useful tasks in the complex, unstructured and dynamically changing environments in which we live and work.

Seeing is a lot more than just processing images. It is a complex process tightly coupled with memory - which enables an understanding of the scenario required to robustly perform tasks that involve objects and places. These are tightly coupled with action, thereby providing rapid and continuous feedback for control.

For these reasons combining Image Processing with Machine Learning is highly advisable. All algorithms are to be developed in a manner that enables real-time execution on commodity embedded systems.

  • #1 Software Development

    Java, C++, CUDA, Linux, Eclipse, QT, Git, Agile

  • #2 Robotic Vision

    GPU, CUDA, OpenCV

  • #3 Machine Learning

    Object Recognition, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning

  • #4 Embedded Systems

    ROS, NVIDIA Jetson


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